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Families' stories
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Where Am I

Where am I, oh there I see, a long way away in the distance through the haze
Happy, Smiling, laughing and carefree I did not know this would be a short faze

Where am I now, withered away, unsmiling, unhappy and stressed
What is my job for today, making that veteran get up and get dressed

Bring him those tablets and medicines he needs
That keeps his life going and my life it bleeds

What were those words that you used to once hear
Darling, my sweetheart, I love you, come here!!

Now its just silence or when they do speak
Its words that cut at you heart and make your life bleak

I worry what my child may think about
When all she ever hears is her mummy shout

And a daddy that never wants to play
Or read her a story or go out for the day

What sort of world have we left for her to build a life
When her daddy would take his with the flick of a knife

Do the people who have done this to these men
Know what they have done to the families as well

Why do we drift away or become a watermark in this life
When you marry a Gulf Veteran and become his wife

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