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  Red Devils sponsored parachute jump

  Salisbury, Wiltshire

  Wednesday 23rd September 2009
Total amount raised:  £7000

On the 23rd of September 2009 nine fundraisers for the NGVFA including staff, members, and volunteers, woke up expecting to take a 13,000 foot plunge out of a perfectly good plane with the Red Devils. But unfortunately when they stepped outside the weather was cloudier than a 6 month old barrel of Black Sheep.

The jump was cancelled. Everyone was gutted.

It was then that the Red Devils stepped in to save them all the embarrassment of returning home empty handed, they agreed to get up early the next day and try again!

So...... on the 24th September 2009, with clear skies, nine fundraisers for the NGVFA fell 13,000 feet from the sky, and despite a minor injury and a few changes of underpants afterwards everyone returned home safely.

Somewhere in the region of 7000 is expected to be raised in total, but with money coming in from so many different people and places it could be a few months before there is a final figure. So check back soon to find out an exact total.

The NGVFA staff, members and volunteers before the jump
enlarge pictureEnlarge
Red Devils every one !
enlarge pictureEnlarge
Michelle Foster leaving a perfectly good plane
enlarge pictureEnlarge
In free fall
enlarge pictureEnlarge
Still a long way down - but at least the parachute opened!
enlarge pictureEnlarge

If you would like to know more about the National Gulf Veterans & Families Association or you need help or know someone who needs help then please contact our office on 0845 257 4853

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