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Fact sheets
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This page lists all the fact sheets that the NGVFA have produced for their members. You need to be a current member to access the fact sheets. Click here for membership information.

#Factsheet Description
1 What Veterans can do General advice on things you can do to help yourself
2 Access to Information How to apply for information on yourself under the data protection act
3 Medical Specialists Who’s who in the field of medicine
4a First War Pension Claim How to apply for a war pension
4b Further War Pension Claims If you’re already getting a war pension how to get additional symptoms/illnesses added to your war pension
4c War Pension Appeals and Tribunals How to appeal a war pension decision
5 Service Pensions Contacts and general advice on service pensions
6 Gulf War Syndrome on your Pension How GWS is accepted on a war pension
7 Information for Relatives Advice on how family and friends can help veterans
8 Carers Advice for carers
9 Children with Illnesses/Disabilities Where to get help for families with children with disabilities
10 Benefits General advice on the changes to the benefits in the welfare reforms
11 Counselling How counselling can help veterans and their families
12 Useful Websites A list of websites we feel veterans would find useful
13 Homelessness Where to get help and contact details
14 Special Housing Needs Advice on help to adapt homes for disabled
15 Financial Assistance Where to get financial help if you find yourself in need
16 Registered Disabled Information on registering disabled
17 Fundraising How you can help raise funds for the Charity
18 Help with Health Costs Advice on getting help with costs for prescriptions, dental and optical treatment
19 NHS priority treatment Advice on where you stand in receiving priority treatment from the NHS
20 Statements from carers/relatives How and why to write a statement as evidence for veterans for war pension and benefit claims
21 Vitamins and supplements Information on vitamins, supplements and diet to help improve your health and wellbeing
22 Respite Break Information on our annual 5 day respite break, for veterans and their families
24 What to do - 7 step care pathway This Fact Sheet provides a 7 step care pathway to help you if you have problems with pituitary and what to do to get treatment. We suggest that it is read in conjunction with the Information Sheet on the Pituitary Gland.
- Choose and Book handout This is a presentation handout from a talk at Respite 2014 given by Sally-Ann Spencer Grey (Trustee). It talks about Choose and Book and the other NHS referral systems. Very interesting information with various links to other websites that may help you.
- State Pensions This is a very brief overview with advice on how to get your statements
- The Pituitary Gland This gives an overview of how the pituitary gland works.
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