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Date :  22/04/2014
Title :  Gulf War Syndrome - new Legal Aid Certificate awarded for full disclosure

PIL Solicitors in Birmingham have been given the Legal Aid Certificate for Gulf War 1 veteran Alex Izett which will do the one thing that no other solicitor group has done for Gulf War Veterans pursue the issue of full disclosure of all relevant documents from the MoD.

For over 23 years the Gulf War 1 Veterans community have continually tried to get to the truth behind their service in the Gulf War Conflict of 1990-91. Today will hopefully see the start of a new chapter for all those veterans who have suffered with a multitude of illnesses known as "Gulf War Syndrome!.

Alex, who suffers with Gulf War Syndrome, was vaccinated ready to be deployed but never left his camp in Germany, and is said to be extremely pleased with this result and hopes to get the answers that all Gulf War Veterans need.

This case is not for compensation, it will be purely to obtain the full disclosure of all documents that is held by the MoD relating to the Gulf War.

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