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Date :  02/10/2009
Title :  Press release : Gulf War Veterans Support Coroners Findings and Concerns

Press Release : NGVFA

Gulf War Veterans Support Coroners Findings and Concerns

In a coroners inquest (10th September 09) into the death of Mr Stuart Dyson (Deceased) a unanimous jury ruled that his death from colon cancer was caused by the Depleted Uranium he was exposed to in the Gulf War 1990/91. As a result of the ruling Robin J. Balman - HM Coroner in charge of the inquest - has reported to The Lord Chancellors department and directly to the Secretary of State for Defence Mr Bob Ainsworth MP, under inquest rule 43 to raise his serious concerns about British Gulf War veterans suffering cancers, and more importantly stating that "Mr Dyson's death can clearly impact on a large number of other military personnel".

NGVFA: We fully share the concerns raised by Robin J Balman - HM Coroner in his rule 43 report into the sad death of Mr Stuart Dyson (Deceased). The problems surrounding DU exposure are issues that veterans and the media have raised with the MoD for many years, to which in response the MoD have then misled the public and parliament by downplaying or completely denying the dangers as they did with the Christmas Island veterans ill health from the 1950's. The only difference is that British Gulf War 90/91 veterans have been contaminated by internal exposure; breathing in and ingesting the radiation particles. As opposed to the troops in the 50's who were given large doses externally. There are not only issues with regards to cancers caused by DU but also with the ill health effects well known with ionising radiation.

The NGVFA call for the NHS to set up a proper medical protocol to closely monitor Gulf War Veteran's health to detect and treat early stages of cancer.

Shaun Rusling NGVFA Trustee

If you would like to discuss anything featured in this press release, or you would like more information please call the NGVFA on 0845 257 4853.

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